Chris Bell Chris Bell 'A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.'
- Henry Ford

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SNHU Student

I got my Associates Degree in 2001-2003. Aside from core classes, I took electives related to small business management. Ten years later I started taking online classes related to website design and I graduated in 2014 with a BS in Information Technology with a focus of web design. In early 2015 I enrolled in a graduate program with a focus of web design and database administration, and graduated in October 2016 with a MS in Information Technology with a focus of web design. I also decided to start taking classes towards an MBA in Finance and should complete the curriculum by the end of 2018.

SNHU Curriculum: BS IT Web Design Classes

SNHU Curriculum: MS IT Web Design Classes

SNHU Curriculum: MBA Finance Classes

Chris Bell Résumé

WesBell Electronics

WesBell Electronics Employee

I've been working as the Website Administrator at WesBell Electronics for over 10 years. I was hired as a sales person, but didn't exactly enjoy making sales calls, so I decided to work online building an eBay account and e-commerce website. It's been an effective marketing approach for the company because it brings in new customers every month. I maintain, grow and optimize the website which is why I'm still in school learning about IT and web design.

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I own Blogs because when people read them a percentage click on advertisements. I don't recommend putting Ads on your company website because you want visitors to stay and purchase products. Informational websites and Blogs include Ads for revenue and there are a lot of full-time bloggers out there making a career out of their monthly income. If you want to head down that road you should plan for a long trip.

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Chris Bell Coin

Chris Bell Coin

Learn and experience Ethereum Tokens with ChrisBell (BELL) Token. I'm trying to create awareness of the cryptocurrency market by having discussions with people, blogging and publicly speaking about the similarities and differences between each of the currencies, coins, tokens and businesses involved in the industry. I'm interested in answering questions for people about how Bitcoin was created, what it is and how Ethereum is different. It's important to learn how Bitcoin and Ethereum work to better understand the rest of the coins and tokens on the market. I have blog posts and videos explaining how both cryptocurrencies operate and I created a BELL token to promote the most open and fair coins on the market; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Get ETH and BELL coins for free here: BELL Token

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