Chris Bell

Chris Bell

'Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.'
- Albert Einstein
Chris Bell

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Chris Bell Real Estate

Real Estate Investing

I've had a passion for acquiring real estate for over 15 years and currently own 4 properties. I own three condos that I rent to tenants and one home that I live in. The worth of real estate goes up and down over the years but, as a long term investment, there's nothing like it. Take a look at the real estate section of my website to see more information about the homes and condos that I own and lease to tenants.

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Chris Bell Websites


I also have a passion for building, maintaining and optimizing websites. I know how to build search engine friendly websites that create visits and visits translate into dollars. A website owner might have products and services available for potential customers to view. A website owner could also incorporate advertisements that direct traffic to Amazon or Wal-Mart in order to collect a percentage of each sale.

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Chris Bell Blog

Owning a Blog

Creating a Blog for your website is a fantastic idea for generating content. Discuss how your products are manufactured, write about your services and discuss future plans for your company. Each post is entered into the search engine and available for viewing by anyone that types in a similar query to the content of your post. Be careful not to repeat yourself or downgrade competitors, write a variety of content that proves your honesty.

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Chris Bell Cryptocurrency


I started researching cryptocurrency after a friend told me about it in the last quarter of 2017. My programming background allowed me to quickly understand how the transactions are encrypted and form the public blockchain for all to see. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dogecoin all need to be mined with computing power, and the cost of electricity somewhat determines the pricing. For example, if it costs $5,000 worth of electricity to mine a full Bitcoin, the price of $7,000 might not seem too high. Separately, Ethereum is a platform that allows developers to create tokens that aren't mined. For example, I created a coin call Chris Bell with a symbol of BELL. I have all the coins and there's nothing illegal stopping me from selling all of them for $5 each without any company behind the coin. Therefore, if you're thinking about getting involved, start with a coin that's mined, NOT an Ethereum token that could be as worthless as BELL on the open crypto market.

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