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SNHU - IT-520 Technical Communication
Written by: Chris Bell - July, 2015

New Team Members Memo - Communication Manager

New Team Members

New Team Members Memo - Communication Manager

Quality Engineer

Quality relates to more than product, it also relates to process. The quality engineer will determine the root cause of recent problems, document them, and create a plan to prevent the same problems in the future. This person isn't being hired to point fingers or fire people unless a single person continues to be the root cause of the problem. In recent cases, communication has been the root cause, not just with a single person, but with multiple departments and employees within those departments. Documentation and organization will be important going forward. At that point we can use the gathered data to make changes that benefit everyone within the company.

Team Leader

The new team leader of each project will consider risks and be prepared to address them if they arise. He or she will communicate with each department and be responsible for the timeline during the manufacturing process. This person will use more lines of communication that are cost effective for the company such as video conferencing, Facebook and Wikis. The ongoing wiki will involve all members of the project while Facebook will create events such as an emergency video conference. Each member will RSVP to the Facebook event so the team leader knows who was present. The team leader will be responsible for creating more communication throughout each project. The additional data collected will help the quality engineer easily determine the root cause of problems if they arise in the future.


Recent problems at International Gadgets create more problems in the work place. Employees start to point fingers and place blame when management was the reason for their failures. With the new staff members, IG will be more organized and each employee will have clear responsibilities throughout each project. It's impossible for an initial plan to work 100% of the time, so each employee will have to stay connected and be prepared to change their course of action. They need to adapt quickly without knowing or caring why the change is occurring. Lower level team members can help each other by saying, "Did you see the Facebook post last night? We're changing that gadget effective immediately."


Finally, the new staff members will keep projects organized and on time. The sales staff of each project will be connected to the team leader in order to convey messages to the customer. Likewise, the purchasing staff will be connected to the team leader to aware them of delivery dates and assure them that materials will be on time for production. Overall, company moral will increase, employees will be happier and, most importantly, customer will receive quality products on time.