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SNHU - IT-520 Technical Communication
Written by: Chris Bell - August, 2015

New Product Announcement Memo - Communications Team

Communications Team

New Product Announcement Memo - Communications Team

Department Stakeholders

Since the needs in each department are different we'll construct each announcement specifically relevant to those stakeholders. For instance, the marketing department will be looking for different information about the new product than the technical department. Therefore, we need to interview the department heads, analyze customer reviews and talk with our vendors about the new product. Once we figure out the needs of each audience we can tailor the announcement accordingly.

Department Heads

We need to gather as much information from the department heads as we can. First we need to ask them a series of questions and take notes. Then we need to let them speak openly about positives and negatives of communication when launching new products in the past. With numerous departments it can be difficult for a single announcement to be helpful to everyone, so the collected data will help us communicate with each department in order to launch a successful new product.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews tell us specifically what we did right and wrong in the past. The reviews will show us where our communications broke down, then lead to the root cause of the problem, and finally, to the solution. We'll be looking for reviews that tell us about our marketing, quality, customer service and more. The data that we collect will help us announce the new product to our customers in a way that meets their needs. We will alter the negative reviews into an announcement that shows how we corrected the issue and we repeat the process of positive reviews.


It's important that we also entertain the needs of our vendors because simple changes from us could translate into positive changes with our customers, not to mention quicker delivery dates. We want our vendors as excited as us when we launch a new product so we'll interview some of them and use the data to our advantage. The announcement to our vendors will be easier to create after we hear their feedback because, since customer satisfaction is our number one concern, we want to do everything we can to deliver quality products on time.


Feedback from customer, vendors and internal departments will help our communications team create more convincing announcements regarding new products. In fact, each announcement should be better than the previous as we continuously improve the process of collecting data and reusing it. For a company of this size a single announcement letter is too generic and overlooked by many of the people that read it. From now on, in the generic announcement, we'll also state that each of them will soon receive a more targeted announcement about their particular portion of the product creation. Since the communication throughout the company starts with our team we need to keep a close eye on each department in order to continue down the same path together. Overall, our customers will be more satisfied with the customer support, quality, manufacturing time, and delivery.