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Dogecoin (DOGE): How the Concept of Dogethereum Seems to be Misunderstood

Dogethereum Bridge Misunderstood

Dogecoin, currently ranked as the 21st largest currency in the official ranking list, has been gaining a serious momentum for weeks now in the market and off charts even before the release of Dogethereum demo that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

The live demo is said to be successfully tested in a live presentation made by the team on September 5th as originally announced, where the team even talked about what's next for Dogecoin.

However, it seems that many people are misunderstanding the concept of Dogethereum, misinterpreting what this mechanism really represents and even confusing it for the "upcoming" DOGX hard fork, which was previously announced only to be soon aborted.

So, what exactly Dogethereum is and what the crypto community expect from this addition to the Dogecoin chain? and Dogethereum

Browsing through numerous articles that are covering the matter of Dogethereum, one can find a handful of information confronting one another and serving different information about what Dogethereum actually is which is no wonder, given the fact that there are actually two Dogethereum projects.

It seems that many crypto community members are struggling to scrap some reliable information on the project which demo was announced for September 5th, having a group of crypto enthusiasts believing that there would be an airdrop of DOGX taking place on the mentioned date. (Wrong)

The airdrop didn't happen as there are no DOGX coins to be airdropped. Originally, it was imagined that DOGE will fork to DOGX while the Dogecoin network will be split in two, having one called Dogethereum.

This is not so far from the truth as there are two Dogethereum projects, one of them represented by as hard fork project derived from Dogecoin. In case you visit the webpage you can clearly see Dogethereum being described as a "cryptocurrency", enabled to run peer-to-peer transactions across the globe, also offering smart contract operations.

The project claims that Dogethereum is based on Dogecoin snapshot and Ethereum engine, further adding that every Dogecoin owner already owns Dogethereum, which is needless to say, pretty confusing given the fact that the official team of Dogecoin is promoting Dogethereum project as a bridge between Ethereum and Dogecoin that enables interoperability and direct ETH/DOGE swaps, much like atomic swap operations.

The official team even published a live demo of Dogethereum bridge, showcasing its functionality in a live demonstration, during which they have never mentioned anything about forking, DOGX or, only promoting the project as a bridge for swapping tokens in an efficient and cost-effective way.

In case you decide to pay a visit to the second Dogethereum project that can be found under "Dogethereum" on Github, you will see that the project is described in a different matter, promoting Dogethereum as "a system that allows Doges to be moved from the Dogecoin blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain and back", which pretty much clarifies everything.

So, why there are two Dogethereum projects, with copyrighted for 2018 as "Dogethereum Project"?

It's actually simpler than it might seem: DOGX currency and Dogethereum fork were planned for April of the current year as released in the news as the last post on

That is how the last news post stated that in less than 24 hours, on April 17th of 2018, Dogethereum will be launched, which of course, never happened, having the project rebranded into a bridge between Ethereum and Dogecoin.

That means that Dogecoin gets to be the only DOGE in the market as far as this case scenario concerned, while Dogethereum is not in any way a hard fork that will result in the new currency – it is a bridge between ETH and DOGE, meant to enable swaps between the two currencies.

Dogecoin is one of the oldest cryptos in the market, issued back in 2013 an receiving a major respect from the crypto community since the crypto is represented with the iconic meme-famous Shiba Innu, otherwise known as Doge, while the term of Dogethereum was presented years back by Vitalik Buterin as a concept of interoperability between Ethereum chain and Dogecoin network.

What is next for Dogecoin?

As the team behind DOGE had presented a live demo of Dogethereum, that way marking the first live test as successful, the team also took some time to discuss the future of Dogecoin developments.

That is how they have announced that the team will still be working on improving Dogethereum project before it becomes available to the public while making sure that the implementation is "rock solid".

The reason why the community will have to wait until Dogethereum is fully operable and available for public use is due to the DOGE team taking precaution against another DAO drama.
By: Maja Rogic

Dogecoin's much awaited 'Dogethereum Bridge' demo released on September 5th and is a success!

Dogethereum Bridge

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been hyped in the past two weeks following the long awaited 'Dogethereum bridge' release. The altcoin is among the top performers since then including in today's bearish market where it has lost roughly 4.7% while peer cryptocurrencies are losing between 15% and 20%.

The release of the Dogethereum demo was done on the 5th of September 2018; the altcoin has already reported a successful test! Dogethereum managed to link the Ethereum and Dogecoin networks hence the consistency in DOGE price today. As of now, crypto developments like the Dogethereum Bridge have proven to be significant market factors in the price action of digital assets.

Developers working on the Dogethereum Bridge have brought relief to the DOGE community and HODLers via smart contracts. The team developed a protocol that can adequately enable the flow of DOGE crypto coins in and out of the Ethereum network. This will allow DOGE users to exchange their coins for other tokens built on Ethereum and get their DOGE back as well via the smart contract.

Dogecoin (DOGE) posted on their twitter handle a few hours ago confirming the success of 'Dogethereum' demo, "We don't regularly do technical content off this account, but as a lot of people are asking – there was a demo of the bridge today and yes it worked" – Ross

Yes, the demo was a success! You can watch the whole thing at – it's very technical, but I do talk about my plans at the end. - Ross

The hype by Dogethereum was well-welcomed by the DOGE community apart from the project's creator, Jackson Palmer. Mr. Palmer's skeptical approach on overvaluing technological developments saw him criticize the reaction by crypto stake holders following this Dogecoin milestone,

In my opinion, the Dogecoin Ethereum bridge doesn't add any real value to either project. I get the fun novelty angle of technically achieving it, but it provides no usefulness or cost efficiency vs. something simpler like atomic swaps if you care about chain interoperability. - Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) September 6, 2018

Dogecoin's performance is currently enjoying support from this news. However, the question remains whether the release will sustain the project's current attractive stability in the long term. DOGE has maintained its market cap surviving the sell-offs made within crypto markets in the past 24 hours. According to the market statistics, approximately $30 billion of the total cryptocurrency market has been sold off.

Bittrex Adds DOGE/USDT pair

Crypto coins liquidity is highly dependent on the markets a coin is listed and the scalability of its trading pairs. Dogecoin was recently added the USDT pair in one of the most popular coin markets today, Bittrex. This is expected to boost the coin's liquidity especially now that the coin is proving fundamental value gradually while most projects haven't achieved much of their targets as per whitepapers.

Poloniex is a good example that has boosted DOGE liquidity with the USDT pair, roughly 30% of DOGE coins are traded using this pair. Therefore, DOGE is pared from much effect by the Bitcoin-factor in case BTC is experiencing challenges.

Dogecoin enjoys a wide range of users including tipping bots for social medium platforms due to the coin's features. Despite the current lucrative performance, Dogecoin has not fallen short of the most common crypto characteristic 'high volatility'. The coin's price is up by 63% in the past week while its volatility in the last one-month is at a 71% high.
By: Lujan Odera

Why the release of 'Dogethereum' bridge is a big deal for Dogecoin (DOGE)

Release of Dogethereum Bridge - Big Deal

Dogecoin is currently making major developments within its infrastructure to improve token liquidity. The crypto project which uses the 'dog meme' logo started off with an aim to capture the fast growing crypto & blockchain market. As of today, Dogecoin developers are working on 'Dogethereum', a smart contract that will facilitate the transfer of Dogecoins to and from the Ethereum chain. Basically, the protocol acts as a bridge between Dogecoin crypto coins and the Ethereum network!

Why 'Dogethereum' is a big Milestone

This link between Dogecoin and Ethereum will increase the scalability of both crypto projects. However, Dogecoin stands to benefit more given an increased scope of its operations once the demo is released in September 2018. Ideally, Ethereum is flexible with both tokens and bridge tokens coded as smart contracts for specific purposes.

Dogecoin will benefit from Ethereum's stable liquidity and less volatility once its 'Doge/Ethereum' link is complete. This is mainly because the Doge ecosystem will be more integrated with services offered by Ethereum on its On-Chain.

Dogethereum Bridge - Dogecoin Ethereum - DOGE ETH

Dogethereum Practicality

With the increase in crypto-oriented projects, teams are now focusing on their competitive edge to survive the volatile market in case of price correction in future. Therefore, developed protocols and platforms like the Dogecoin must have an aspect of practicality in the real world. Dogethereum will work pretty much like how casinos work with the poker chips; exchange the DGD tokens for a different coin built within Ethereum for use and exchange back the remaining amount to DGD once you're through.

Technical Aspects

The 'Dogethereum' bridge raises a question on maintaining the decentralized aspect of digital coins. In casinos, single parties can carry out the transactions of exchanging money for poker chips and vice versa due to trust established through physical presence. This cannot be the case for digital currencies hence the need for coded 'smart contracts' on Ethereum's platform to act as intermediaries.

In this case, the smart contracts will be the base for issuing and acquiring DGD tokens from interested clients. Dogoecoin has an existing contract for Bitcoin operating in a similar manner as the 'Dogethereum' although it doesn't make economic sense. Retrieving the DGD tokens back is an issue due to a costly and hard validation process.

In Bitcoin's Ethereum smart contract infrastructure the BTC are burnt and eventually sent to an address that cannot be recovered. The 'Dogethereum' bridge will however be more advanced since the DGD tokens will only be locked when they are being used and unlocked later to receive the remaining coins. What this means for the protocol is that a third party 'operator' will be in charge of validating the smart contract requests for a smooth liquidity flow.

Dogethereum Future

Dogecoin community is looking forward to the release of Dogethereum demo expected a week from now. This will be presented before judges who will then decide whether the development bounty was put to good work in this milestone. If all goes well then the team will pay the developers for advancement of the milestone.

The progress on this milestone is still a work in progress before the Dogecoin community get to consume the product. A couple of developments still have to be made to achieve the desired user experience level. For this purpose, Dogecoin has set aside a good portion of its funds to pay for development of nodes linking the 'Doge/Ethereum' bridge.

As it stands, the bridge will probably require participants to run more than one wallet at the same time, an inconvenience to simplicity. Alternatively, the team is working to make it possible for the exchange to take place on a coin exchange directly. The 'Dogethereum' bridge will therefore act as a balance between native DGD tokens and the ones on Ethereum edge out arbitrage.
By: Lujan Odera

What is the Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject?

The Doge-What? You Will Understand Everything About it Here!

The Dogethereum Bridge Art Project is a penetrable public art space measuring of 23 ft. high, 30 ft. wide, and 40 ft. long, designed by Jessica Angel and sponsored by TrueBit. The concept for this public art piece is inspired by the Klein bottle, a mathematical object that we are using as a symbol of unification between the Dogecoin and the Ethereum blockchains. TrueBit created a software bridge to achieve the connection between these two crypto-currencies and claimed a prize that is being used for the fabrication of this massive public art structure.

The project proposes the construction of the piece and the development of public programs that activate the space, fostering collaborations between artists and programmers to create interactive pieces inside the Klein bottle. Through art, we aim to promote the understanding of blockchain technology by engaging with the community.

The piece is planned to be open to the public in the late summer. We are currently considering installing at the Hinge Park as part of the Vancouver Biennale 2018 and in the wake of the colocated Dogecon 2018

Dogethereum Bridge Art Project
The Dogethereum Bridge #ArtProject visualized from different angles

How can individuals contribute to the project?

Artists are invited to present proposals to create interactions inside the space. Programmers and tech leaders who are part of our team are available to help those ideas be realized. Speakers and educators interested in using the space for panels, lectures and talks are invited to submit proposals.

Supporters and donors are encouraged to contribute to fund the traveling and installation of this structure to Vancouver, and potentially to other parts of the world.

We have an open call for artists to send their ideas and experiment with us in NYC for the second version of the Maker Space at the Ethereal Summit on May 11th and 12th 2018.

We will test the possible art pieces and collaborations that will take place inside the bridge.

Dogethereum Bridge Art Project Meeting
Gathering the community to reflect upon ways of collaborating inside the art structure.

Dogethereum Bridge Art Project Lighting
Results from our first collaborative experiment at ETHDenver. Feb 2018

Dogethereum Bridge Art Project Abstract
Collaboration between Jessica Angel and Chris Bagley. Wallpaper and video projections. ETHDenver 2018

Why Using Blockchain?

The very nature of this commission is to create a visual representation of the software bridge that unites two blockchains, making this technology the starting point for the conceptualization of the project. On the other hand, blockchain technologies are rapidly developing and we are increasingly seeing its applications in different industries. We are at the dawn of an era that will be governed by this technology and we are excited to pay tribute to the future that lies ahead.

How does blockchain technology work?

A blockchain is a database, much like the normal databases used to power the internet, but with a key difference: when it’s combined with distributed computing, no one person is in control over what’s stored in the database. Before Bitcoin, this sort of thing wasn’t really possible; you had to trust whomever was running your database (like Twitter or Facebook) not to edit it.

In simple terms, Bitcoin is a distributed database, built with a blockchain, that stores who owns what amount of Bitcoin and a record of transfers.

Because no single entity owns the database, a majority of people need to collude in order to create fake information (like making more Bitcoins out of nowhere). The most popular method for deciding who owns how much of the database is called Proof of Work: it’s a computer process, using a mathematical function called a hash function, that proves that someone spent a lot of time and electricity figuring out the correct answer — this is called mining. The computer that finds the correct answer the fastest — the miner — is in charge of appending a set of new transactions. Every other miner then verifies their work to make sure they don’t cheat.

What is unique about the fabrication of this piece?

This public art piece will be a steel penetrable structure made of thin steel sheets build into pieces that can be assembled and disassembled allowing the structure to travel around the world. The structure doesn’t require an additional structural frame, similar to a dome, the piece it is self-bearing, allowing and maximizing the material properties and efficiency.

The sculpture has a walking area of 565 SF, allowing 47 people to be inside the space at the same time. The structural capacity of the work is enough to resist all weather loads — high wind, snow and seismic.

Dogethereum Bridge Art Project Dimensions
Measurements from different views. Structural details.

What is unique about this project in general?

The fact that this project is sponsored by the community and created to engage different players in the field of art and technology makes it very special. It will have an educational component that ensures for the activation and reach of the artwork in its hosting location.

The installation will be a laboratory for experiments that fosters alliances and synergies between people, mediums and ideas. This one piece will support many interactions and collaborations to take place. The larger community that the project has spurred will open up opportunities and connections for generations to come.

How did you persuade TrueBit to sponsor the project? What is the benefit for the commissioner?

I was approached by TrueBit who commissioned this piece. They are interested in bringing value back to the community in the form of art. Part of the conceptualization behind the project comes from a feedback process with the trueBit community, who joined a public forum about this endeavor and provided feedback, helping to achieve the final concept.

Is there a technical description of the Dogethereum software bridge?

Yes! You can find here an article by Sina Habibian, one of the members of our community and the lead software developer of this project.
By: Jessica Angel

Dogethereum Announces Alpha Release

Doge puts its paws to the metal with the Dogethereum bridge, but the name is associated with various projects. Much confuse.

Oscar Guindzberg reached out to ETHNews to clarify his team's Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge project. He said the project discussed on reddit is "another absolutely unrelated" venture trying "to solve a different problem." Further, his team did not participate in TrueBit's Dogethereum Bridge Art Project – that effort was simply inspired by Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge technology.

Guindzberg went on to clarify his Dogethereum project's timeline:

"One of the challenges of the bridge was verifying Dogecoin blocks proof-of-work on an ethereum smart contract. We used Truebit's scrypt-interactive verification for that. That was solved 6 months ago. During the last few months, we focused on scaling the bridge using the Superblock concept and implementing the eth->doge side of the bridge."

Elaborating further, he mentioned that the project was "not in production yet."

As for the bridge's ERC20 token, Guindzberg noted that there is not an official name, though the crew has internally referred to it as a doge token. Some people have called the token WOW, "but that [name] did not come from" Guindzberg or his team.

On Friday, August 17, the team behind the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge announced the alpha release of Dogethereum. After 13 months in development, the bridge will be used to move coins from the Dogecoin blockchain to Ethereum and vice versa.

This bridge is informed by the concept of Superblocks, which white paper authors Ismael Bejarano and Oscar Guindzberg describe as one enormous block containing the root hash of a Merkle tree built from the block hashes of several blocks, as well as some other information. According to Bejarano and Guindzberg, by representing a range of blocks instead of storing all block headers, the costs associated with block storage would be minimized.

Dogethereum Bridge Superblocks Layout

Individuals can test the bridge by following the team's user guide on GitHub, though Guindzberg notes that some features are yet to be implemented and there may be bugs. He also warns people to only use the bridge "with coins you are open to loose [sic]." The Dogethereum crew will livestream a demonstration of the bridge on September 5 at 10 a.m. PDT.

However, Dogethereum is a bit of a mystery. It was announced earlier this year that Dogethereum would fork Dogecoin and offer its own token, DOGX. The hard fork does not appear related to the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge that Guindzberg and Bejarano are developing.

A few months back, one reddit user called attention to the overlap in Dogethereum projects:

"There is an ERC20 token going by the name 'DOGX' and calling itself Dogethereum. That project has no association with dogecoin or this dogethereum project. Especially important is that there is no fork of the dogecoin block chain. Someone made a new ETH token and called it Dogethereum."

A commenter on the same thread elaborated further by saying DOGX was not an ERC20 token and that this Dogethereum project was merely "a new chain with find&replace of Ethereum to Dogethereum."

On another reddit thread, an individual passionately relayed their thoughts about the Dogethereum confusion:

"No. No. No. Dogethereum IS NOT THIS. Dogethereum is NOT the ERC20 bridge, it is NOT the doge-eth bridge. Dogethereum is NOTHING but a snapshot fork, confusingly named to sound like it's related to the doge-eth tokenization bridge."

To complicate matters further, there is the Dogethereum Bridge Art Project, "a penetrable public art space" sponsored by TrueBit, which is developing its own Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge. As the description suggests, the project is a physical representation of Dogethereum. Artist Jessica Angel said she was inspired by the Mobius Bridge in Bristol, England.

However, it appears that the TrueBit bridge and the recent alpha release of Dogethereum refer to the same project. Sina Habibian, a former Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge developer, notes in a Medium article that Guindzberg and Coinfabrik (the company Bejarano works for) have collaborated with TrueBit on the bridge, so it is likely that the TrueBit team is involved with the Dogethereum alpha announced this past Friday.

For the record, it has been rumored that the actual ERC20 Doge token will be called EthDoge, also known as WOW.

Who would've thunk that Dogethereum was such a popular neologism?
By: Daniel Putney

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