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How to Invest if You Want To Make Millions | Chris Bell

How to Invest if You Want To Make Millions The best way to think about investing no matter your income level, is to add a zero. Focus intently on turning $100 into $1,000, then you can focus on turning $1,000 into $10,000. You may think of Mark Zuckerberg as an overnight success, but it took years of hard work, previous years of education, over $1,000 of investment capital, and finally, partners willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars once the idea was almost a success. Even with 1 million users and almost $1 million in capital it was difficult for him to turn a profit as the CEO.

Remember that making money is difficult, it's only the elite that figure out a way to get their hands on large amounts of it.


Stocks are a great long term investment strategy that will gain 10% annually if you buy and hold solid companies. However, it can also drain your entire savings if you try to turn $10,000 into $1,000,000 overnight. Play the lottery if you want to "hope" for a payout. Educate yourself if you want to "work" for a payout. It may seem endless and tiring, but working hard every day will allow you to look back on your last 5 years with a grin of success, and know that you did it without a lottery payout.

Real Estate

Real estate is amazing but it's also a long term success story that yields about 10%. Most success stories are just that, stories, not sentences. "I bought a lottery ticket" isn't much of a story. I want to hear about the long hours of studying at a community college, mentoring from a real estate professional, buying your first home, selling it and buying two more. I want to hear about the struggle of your first contract and how you turned two properties into ten. I want to hear about the Master's degree you're working towards and the past experience that lead you to your success. In other words, it takes hard work for a payout. (Chris Bell Real Estate)


You can buy and sell popular domain names, blog endlessly for advertising revenue, or create a website that sells a product or service. My advice is to commit to your passion because it's the amount of passion you exert that will drive you to your millions. I encourage you to watch Shark Tank to see what it's like to be passionate about your business, NOT passionate about making money. You'll see people tearing-up as they discuss their product, not because they're making millions, but because they love what they do. (Chris Bell Websites)


You can buy 10% of your local hardware store and help them grow. Do you have a unique talent such as building a website, search engine optimization or marketing? You could discuss how you would help their growth and join the team. You could be a silent partner or a full-time working partner with a salary. Decide what you want for terms before you approach the owner.

Invent and Manufacture

Arguably, the most difficult way to millions is to invent a product, manufacture it, market it, sell it and distribute it around the world. Again, don't think about making money first, that comes second. Think about a product that helps people, or fixes a current problem, and get passionate about designing it.

Do you really think there's an easy way to make millions? Trust me, I've searched Google for ways and the common denominator is always long term. Focus on your passion and do it for a long time, even if it's as simple as working overtime. "Mark Zuckerberg was a millionaire before he was 30." Indeed, but he also got into Harvard University before the age of 20; did you? Work at your own pace.

If you improve your financial situation every day, you'll be in a better position than you were yesterday.

Written by: Chris Bell
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